Booster Archives Library Expanded

Above: June 2019 Booster, featuring highlights of our Spring Meet

We’re excited to announce our newly-expanded Booster Archive Library. LALSRM Members can log in to view and download past issues of the Booster, from last month back to 2015. By the end of November, we plan to have issues as far back as 2007 added.

Many thanks go to Michael Strawn and Zak Holman for taking on the valuable task of populating our digital library. We have paper issues dating back to 1966, the first year our newsletter was published. Some of the older issues are quite yellow and tattered. Preserving our Club’s written narratives has never been more important. Michael’s interest in the history of the Club led to his generous offer to scan our past issues. Zak, our webmaster, then uploads and encodes the issues so they appear in the library in chronological order for members’ enjoyment and reference.

Members can access the current booster along with the archives discussed above by clicking here or by clicking the Booster button in the members portal from the home page.

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  1. Help. I’m trying to pay my dues and having trouble where should I mail a check? I’ve tried paying on line several times but it doesn’t appear to be working. Please call me 385 258 9343 thanks Mark Vreeken

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