LALSRM Visits Riverside Live Steamers

By Ted Merchant

Approximately 10 members of LALSRM visited Riverside Live Steamers on Sunday, February 23rd. We were graciously received and we made new friends. Luminaries such as Jim Kreider, Steve Borcher, Peggy Borcher, Richard Ronne, Rich Casford, Dave Bunce and Dave Lazarus hosted us well. Jeremy Steinert towed their public behind his beam engine. Ray Burden and I toured with the Heisler, and Garibalde Figueroa toured with his Clishay.

Ted Merchant on his Heisler

RLS is a vibrant organization committed to steam locomotives only. Their track traces a path around the two baseball diamonds, soccer field, picnic area and open spaces of Hunter Park. And, their club is proudly committed to those who build and run 7 ½-inch gauge live steam locomotives.

Thanks RLS for the wonderful Sunday. We look forward to a repeat visit and trust you will continue to visit us as well.

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