LALS 1965 – Our Young Club Thrives

By 1965, LALS boasted:

  • Two loops of 1,100’ each of three gauges of track
  • Two 12’ circular steaming bays
  • Newly-built Sutchville Station
  • Old Sherwood Stations
  • Three 1,000-gallon water tanks 
  • Tidewater & Tonopah Club Car
  • Shaded picnic area
  • Equipment and car barns
  • Restroom where the New Sherwood Station is now located
  • UP Semaphore from Travel Town tourist railroad

Our Club’s north border was fenced just below the decommissioned narrow-gauge track from Travel Town. Zoo Drive and the 134 Freeway had yet been built. The east meadow (where the Disney Barn is now) had a spacious drainage swale planted with a large rose garden. Access to the Club was via Crystal Springs Drive, which was still a park ‘through’ street.

Our second BLS Meet was held over the 1965 Memorial Day weekend, which was well attended by LALS members, guests and the public. Train rides were given on both the 7-1/2” gauge track as well as the small scales tracks. Engineers would double- and triple-head to pull the heavily-loaded cars. Public riding cars for 1-1/2” scale were mostly low-side or high-side gondolas, and could each hold about three riders, who sat on the floors.

1965 LALS/BLS Spring Meet. In the middle background you can see the original inner loop built in 1957 and further back, the 1959 east expansion loop.

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