Scent Work Dog Trials Friday-Saturday (July 12-13)

This event will take place two days, Friday and Saturday, July 12 and 13 from 6 am to 7 pm. We anticipate about 65-80 dogs and their owners each day, plus about 14 judges and staff. Contestants will be using the public entrance (at New Sherwood Station) for coming and going both days, and the two parking lots west of the public entrance.
The Scent Dog Trials will be utilizing 3 of our restrooms for hunts (except the men’s public restroom), as well as the Kountry Kitchen and Pergola picnic areas for searches, which will restrict usage to our members on both days. The trials will also make use of our lawns, stations, circular steaming bays & hoist, library, ticket booth, office caboose, UP caboose, work car, area between work and meeting car, and the meeting car. We ask there be no access in these buildings from 2 pm Thursday until 7 pm Saturday, so that the “scent hides” are undisturbed.

Members can run their trains, if they do not use the inner hoist and circular steaming bays.

We will need about four to five volunteers each day. Please contact Diana Manchester by text or cell: 626-222-7499, or by email: